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About Us:


IIVisions offers an array of non-surgical beauty options. IIVisions strives to help you be the best version of you, by offering affordable services and products to help you achieve all of your fashion and body enhancement goals. Our services include Ultrasonic Cavitation/Non-Invasive Lipo, Non-surgical Breast Lifts, Body Wraps, Detox Sauna Wraps, Brazilian Butt Lift (Vacuum Therapy), Vibration Machine, Laser Lipo, and Infrared Sauna treatments.


Why Choose Us:  


II Visions offers  clients more than  fifteen years’ experience in Health Care, Health Care Administration, and quality business management.   All staff are certified and licensed to administer all procedures with love, precision and care. II Visions offers affordable, non-invasive options that require little or no downtime.

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