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New Year, New Goals, Same Grind.............



After a remarkable year in business filled with a plethora of highlights and challenges, II Visions is excited to launch its blog and announce a new business venture. In March 2018, II Visions will open II Visions Beautique . IIVisions Beautique will offer an array of non-surgical beauty options. IIVisions Beautique will strive to help you be the best version of you, by offering affordable services and products to help you achieve all of your body enhancement goals. Services will include Ultrasonic Cavitation/Non-Invasive Lipo, Non-surgical Breast Lifts, Body Wraps, Detox Sauna Wraps, Brazilian Butt Lift (Vacuum Therapy), Vibration Machine, Laser Lipo, Teeth Whitening,Infrared Sauna, Eyelash Extensions, and Microblading.

II Visions Beautique is a sub entity of II Visions, LLC. II Visions was created by two women who desired to go against the grain and become entrepreneurs. II Visions is where chic meets hip and sporty gives way to trendy. Life is full of vibrant forces that make the world beautiful, II Visions merges two of those forces to bring hip and affordable fashions and offer innovative service options to enhance beauty. IIVisions was founded by Courtney Hampton and Princess Jackson, offering its clients more than twenty years’ experience in Health Care, Health Care Administration, sales, and quality business management.


II Visions' blog is intended for anyone who is conscious of their overall health, wants to stay abreast to the latest trends in fashion and beauty, seeks motivation and inspiration, and who aspires to advance themselves in all facets of life.


II Visions has taken a lifetime of friendship, relationship building, failures, achievements, first-times, and evolved into a business that seeks advancement daily. II Visions is blessed with subject matter experts in health care and fashion, who have stood the test of time and managed to stay healthy, fit, and vibrant. The differences that each owner brings to the table is what makes II Visions so unique.


II Visions' blog will focus on a variety of topics including: inspirational dialogue, aesthetics, fashion, beauty, health care, and relationships.


Courtney Hampton is one half of II Visions. She currently serves as a Program Manager with the Arkansas Department of Health. Courtney has been employed with the Arkansas Department of Health since April of 2006. Her professional duties include HIV/STD presentations, HIV counseling and testing, grant review, supervising HIV prevention staff, organizing community testing events, creating and approving budgets for HIV Prevention activities, and teaching a certification class for HIV counseling and testing for the state of Arkansas. She has previous experience teaching college courses on health and wellness.

Courtney has more than 11 years’ experience in HIV testing and counseling, program planning, and public health. Courtney enjoys shopping, playing basketball, skating, and spending time with family and friends. Courtney's spunk lies in her ability to think on her feet. As an avid writer, this skill set comes in handy. Children are almost instinctively drawn to Courtney and she lives vicariously through her sixteen nieces and nephews. Courtney can best be described as a social butterfly who is an introvert by nature. Courtney is originally from McGehee, AR and now resides in Conway, AR.

Princess Jackson is the other half of II Visions. Princess currently serves as a Grants Administrator for Continuing Education Services with Tarrant County College. She has been employed with TCC for 7 years. In this role, Princess is responsible for providing financial and administrative advice, as well as support services to program staff, awardees, proponents, recipients and contractors in areas such as project development and implementation. Princess works closely with state funding agencies such as the Texas Workforce Commission to ensure that Skills Development Funds are delivered in accordance to state and/or federal standards.

Prior to joining the Tarrant County College family, Princess spent about 5 years in leadership roles in healthcare administration. Princess is a lover of fashion and the official fashionista of II Visions. As the standing "Judy" , of II Visions, Princess' style is essential to the II Visions brand. Princess loves spending time with family and friends, but most appreciates quiet times of prayer and devotion. Princess is originally from Reed, AR and now resides in Dallas, TX.


Courtney and Princess make up two-fourths of their own real life, quintessential "Flossy Posse". If you are not familiar with the "Flossy Posse", be sure to rent "Girls Trip" at a Red Box near you.

*Shameless plug: Malcolm Lee and Will Packer, please make checks payable to II Visions, LLC Thanks in advance.

Courtney and Princess come from humble beginnings. In 2000, they both graduated from McGehee High School in McGehee, AR, a small school with a lot of heart and pride. Courtney and Princess have been friends since well, Princess says elementary, but Courtney is set on Junior High. The jury is still out on that one, but we will say for over 20 plus years.

Courtney and Princess’ friendship could be summarized as Princess being Mother Teresa and Courtney being the uncanny Realist. These personalities merge to make a dynamic duo. The duo have a lifetime of shared experiences and friendships. Now engaging in a second business partnership, Follow II Visions on their journey to take over the world, one business venture at a time. ...........................................................................


Although each owner is beautiful in her own right, there was transition along the way. What are some of your most embarrassing memories, styles, and awkward stages during the transition to the beauty that is you today? We want to hear from you. Comment below.

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The “Glow Up” is illustrated below: