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Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder

Let’s Argue:

Ladies what’s the perfect shade of you? Does your outer appearance reflect the glow of the inner you? We live in a “selfie saturated” society that often places more focus on outer beauty than intelligence and substance. Who wouldn’t want the perfect body, smile, or cheekbones? The question is at what price ? A paradigm shift in mindset is needed to erase society’s picture of beauty. Who am I kidding? Paradigm is a word that I learned in Graduate School and I love the way it rolls off my tongue.

No one needs to change their picture of beauty. Your picture is just that, your picture. However, we should be mindful of what truly constitutes beauty to us, and make sure that it is not influenced by social media or society’s often one-sided view of the stereotypical “model chic”. Two snaps for all of the plus sized sisters who represent with style and grace. No one can rock a stage like a confident full-figured woman. Often overshadowed by the “typical” faces that we are accustomed to seeing in movies, theater, and tv, full figured women have set a precedence that is impossible to replicate. All that we can do is embody their beauty with a long overdue sigh of acceptance and a couple of “Honey Yeses”.

Ladies we need to embrace ourselves and “love the skin that we are in.” No one should control or dictate how a woman chooses to enhance her body. We are stuck with these vessels for the duration of life, we might as well appreciate our bodies, flaws and all. With that being said, what is so bad about a little body modification? Don’t men manipulate their bodies with the counter effects of “stimulant pills” This may be a bit much for our first blog so I’ll stick to the issue at hand.

Aesthetic beauty procedures are a rising trend that target millennials and even yes, men. Body contouring and butt enhancements were traditionally only available for individuals in the upper echelon, not class but economic status, your typical “bloody shoe” wearer.

Therapeutic and beauty enhancement procedures, can be just the thing to transform a woman's thought process about herself. I don’t feel complete without my bi-weekly visit to my favorite eye brow threader. Hair is also a needed must have to make most women feel complete. Whether you are natural, permed, dreaded, or confused, as women, we all like to keep our hair intact. A nicely done pedicure and manicure are also on my beauty must-haves list. I struggled for years to grow my nails without using acrylic or opting for nail tips. I love to now respond to people when they admire my nails by saying, “Yes, these are mine, all mine”. We want to hear from you, what beauty must haves make you complete and confident to take on your day?

With the driving emphasis on non-invasive holistic health care, people are dropping the knife and searching for alternative measures to enhance themselves. IIVisions strives to stay abreast to the latest and most innovative measures to beauty enhancement. Stay tuned for what’s in store for IIVisions for 2018.

Remember whatever your take is on beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. Shine so bright that not even your most tenured rival, foe, fake friend, or snake charmer can steal the beauty that is innately you.

Be Beautifully you,



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